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Oidhche Samhna

Hannibal Lector meets Aleister Crowley

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Autumnal dilettantism 2

Autumnal dilettantism

Autumn days, when shabby electric lights look resplendent, when trees look like bonfires in the oblique sun, when fields look like baize in mellow lamplight, we feel the need to pursue challenging aesthetic growth the way we feel a hunger for sugary snacks and creamy coffee and to have cheerful discussions. So we can treasure our new discoveries, like the plural accusative of bird, 'ornithas' was this word formed in the mouth of someone living in a sultry Aegean delta one summer? That is not significant. It can still perfectly describe the beings that flutter in the branches of trees on a crisp Septentrional morning.

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